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Easiest way to encourage website interaction! Techadds is a musthave for every consulting website. The chat tool is adaptable for most businesses, easy to set up and encourages responses immediately. And with excellent support from the Techadds team, you can’t go wrong! Simple to use. Works great. No complaints. Keep up the awesome work Techadds.


As your client’s technology expert, you have to do a great job in order to keep your clients, not to mention finding new clients and dealing with occassional (?) unrealistic requests. Then there’s the need to manage stress and have free time for yourself – the short time you have can make it hard for you to find new clients while dealing with the existing ones. And sometimes you get some jobs you’re not interested in, and you wish you could have someone else handle it for you so you can keep in touch with the client for a potential project in the future

That’s what Techadds is for!

TechAdds is a tool built for MSP’s, VAR’s, & IT professionals that pre-qualifies deals through a simple and easy-to-use interface. You’l get immediate access to over 200 VAR companies from brands you’ve heard of like AT&T, Armor Cyber Security, AWS, Rackspace, Zoom, and more.

By joining TechAdds you will get :

1. A very professional and well-designed webpage customized to your brand, to drive your clients to take action and book appointments for a wide variety of services.

2. A pre-qualified leads–you will know exactly what they want and what solutions they need.

3. The ability to determine how each of your leads is handled, based on the type of service you requested. Each type of service can be handled with one of the following approaches:

You can handle everything on your own.

We can handle everything (for services you don’t care to sell – you can still upsell them on your services later and you book a client for your sale while earning passive revenue)

We screen and you decide who handles it from there.

4. A live chatbot and live chat service on your webpage. (you will never leave potential clients waiting, not even when you’re sleeping!)

5. A high converting custom Landing Page to attract new clients.

6. FREE Fail-proof Advertising templates.

7. FREE business coaching, sales, and marketing training from

8. Back-end pricing requests from over 200 vendors– you’re free to use your own vendors as you see fit.

Not sure where to start?

We’re here to help your business thrive. Instead of getting lost and overwhelmed! 

Book a FREE call and let us answer all your questions and help your business achieve the success you want!


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