We connect IT buyers with industry experts

TechAdds is tool that helps IT professionals configure, price and quote prospective deals. Our platform allows you to pre-qualify deals through a simple and easy-to-use interface AND overnight have access to over 150 VAR companies from brands you’ve heard of like AT&T, Armor Cyber Security, AWS, Rackspace, Zoom, and more.

The full service and free way to offer your clients IT services that supplement your services, enhance their experience, and make them count on your company more than ever without adding additional headcount or expenses.

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Never leave potential clients hanging. Not even when you’re sleeping. 0 investment required.

Finally, a free yet powerful service that streamlines (and automates) your entire customer acquisition process – even COLD traffic that’s never heard of your business. It also helps get shoppers to request specific quotes directly from your company online and in real time without needing to hire staff.

With TechAdds, you can pre-qualify your cold leads and get them to request a quote (for a specific service they want from you) way before they even get in touch with you – so when you’re speaking to them you’ll already know what they’re looking for and how you can help their situation.  You can also support your existing clients with automation and ease.  Sound expensive?  How’s $0 a month sound?

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From Zero VAR Offerings to over 150 in under 24 hours. Give power to your clients. Close better deals in return.

People hate being sold to. Even if you do get them sold on something, most will feel bad about it because they were “forced” to take such a decision. In short, you’ll get clients that are on your butt all the time, trying to get as much bang they can for their bucks.

This is why: selling IT services is super hard. It’s expensive. And it eats up a lot of time.

If you’ve ever tried cold calling, you know exactly what we mean. In other words, people like to decide for themselves what they want, on their own terms. And this is exactly why…

We launched TechAdds. A web-based service that gives the power of choice back to your future clients.

It’s like Zendesk and Hubspot had a baby. A better, smarter, and more powerful way to serve your current and potential clients in real time that’s built for IT professionals, small businesses, and companies just like yours. Whether you’re starting from scratch (get the ability to sell from 150 MSP providers within 24 hours) OR you already have services in place, we can enhance your offerings for free and without taking any of your time setting it up.

With TechAdds’ FREE service, you can and you will:

Get pre-qualified leads

Know exactly what your leads want and what solutions they need.

Filter out time-vampires

Ask questions that reveal imposters amongst your future clients.

Choose who to work with

You’ll be able to offer over 150 VAR services within 24 hours.  Your clients will be thrilled to know you can handle more types of services for them.

Get notified who messaged you

Build rapport with visitors and turn them into brand new clients.

And a lot more coming soon

To help your run your IT business smoother than ever.

All of this without the sales pitching drama.
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How It Works

Here’s how it all works in four simple steps

Step 1:

Let us know your specialty

You handle your specialty leads directly, and we’ll handle the rest – OR, let us act as your first layer to filter out time vampires so you’re only working with your best clients. We show you how in this tutorial.

Step 2:

Visitors land on your website

Our widget gets their attention and they’re able to solve their issue INSTANTLY, without needing to wait, whether it’s a pricing request, an order status update, or just wanting to talk to someone to get help.

Step 3:

They get their questions answered

You get contact details in return and behind the scenes we start working on their proposal if they need it, or get their meeting scheduled (with us – or with your team at a time convenient for you).

Step 4:

You sign in to our CRM platform

See who contacted you for what reason. Pricing for what they asked for is waiting for you to review. Either have us engage, or you can, whatever you prefer.

Then you contact them and close the deal. Zero sales pitches. Zero persuasion required.

About TechAdds

TechAdds was designed to solve one big problem. To streamline and automate the lead generation process for IT specialists and IT businesses; who have too much on their table, can’t afford to hire more sales reps, or don’t want the hassle of having one in the first place.

And that’s exactly what TechAdds accomplishes. It streamlines and automates the lead gen process! And since it is custom-tailored for IT businesses, there is nothing better out there.

Boop the girl to your right and see TechAdds gadget in action.

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